You nailed this however...

NEVER underestimate the power of audio.

As you know: Listening is a completely different experience than watching.

And it is very very powerful.

I had the opportunity on clubhouse to join in hear an environmental speaker, had I looked at him (grey professorial, thick glasses, and one side of his face clearly affected by a stroke? )before I heard the content, I along with many, might have been put off and might not have listened to one word.

And the talk was valuable, solution oriented and interesting.

But his looks might’ve distracted me.... as embarrassing as it is to admit. Conversely, one of our clients, a gorgeous model-actress now branching into podcasting, somewhat rightly complains, “when people LOOK at me they do not hear a word I SAY...”

(most men are very visual and like to see the images), however, we make so many judgments based on instant appearances, and sometimes you miss the gold underneath.

Audio allows that to happen.

Anyway, Matt, I love your blog/newsletter and believe you to be a boy genius...

So for whatever it’s worth....


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The FT's analysis of their stock value is pretty damning, though that probably says more about the market right now than the company. Idea for new music/upcoming financial news format: "Bubble pop"?! https://www.ft.com/content/3b5d1e23-d857-46cb-ba46-6028ebebad76

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