Hi Matt - Great post.

Let’s also remember every UK radio group ‘passed’ on the opportunity to invest in

Shazam (audio),

AudioBoo/M (audio),

Adswizz (audio),

Triton (audio),

Omny (audio)

and ART19 (audio).

I wonder what happened to all those digital products/startups? :)



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Ah, koko.com. How many possible ways could you think of spelling that when you first heard it? It ended up being spelt out on air of course, "that's double u double u double u dot k - oh - k - oh dot com". Just reminded me of listening to "k-e-y-n-s-h-a-m" being spelt out on Luxy about two decades earlier, when people had to send letters in response to radio ads. Clearly someone didn't get the meesage about computers being meant to make all that stuff easier.

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I suggest you take a peek at InternetFM to see the future of radio. internetfm.com/app

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I can relate. I remember the struggle to bring together the "online content managers" with the "on air program guys", let alone let them share ideas and work together, way too much.

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