I have often thought a radio Stn. is like a football club (Bear with me)...

Like football clubs, radio Stns. have a collection of players, in this case of records, where each of the players play in a position that's best for the Stn. and like footballers, some are better than others and get paid more than others. It looks like Bauer are gaining a very good experienced player that will be playing in a position he is very good in

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Hi Matt! First off, hoping for your continued recovery.

I wonder what your thoughts are about how Ken’s departure impacts Radio 2’s programming shift. I imagine they wanted Ken to stay for some semblance of continuity while most of the rest of the schedule changes. I also imagine some disgruntled listeners would say Ken was pushed to accommodate the likes of Scott Mills, and how this is another nail on the coffin, and so on...

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I would imagine that losing Ken was a surprise for R2 management and that he was a useful anchor whilst they made their (necessary) changes. I'd be less worried about online grumblers. The choice for R2 is whether they go like for like - so a Gary Davies that wouldn't scare the horses. OR you go for another realignment and put someone like Trevor Nelson in there. Who I think would be a great shout.

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