I’m Matt Deegan and I’ve been doing things in audio for 20 years. Radio, digital, podcasting, streaming - I’ve worked as a consultant for different audio businesses and I’ve set up my own too. This has included a digital radio broadcast network, a national kids radio station and podcast network and I’ve also been the exec producer behind popular podcasts and radio shows for ITV & Love Island, MTV and the BBC. In the UK, I co-created the British Podcast Awards and still keep that show on the road.

I’ve also been writing about audio and radio for years - including on my blog and even for people like The Guardian - and often pop up in other people’s articles on the sector.

It made sense to try and put all of this learning into a newsletter. I think podcasts, music streaming, radio are all part of the same (maybe dysfunctional) family. The newsletter talks about what’s happening in the sector and has me trying to tell you why, and perhaps whether it’ll work.

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Matt Deegan
Big fan of audio. Generally split my time between radio things @folder, @funkids, @muxcodab and podcast stuff: @britpodawards,@podfollowhq and @podcastdisco. Write a weekly newsletter about the audio world and present @themediapodcast